The Glastig – A New Mini!

oday was the Word Under the Street portion of Vancouver Public Library’s Annual Literary festival: Word On the Street.

Last year was my first, sharing a table with Cloudscape Comics. This year I decided to try and deck out an entire table. It was a great day full of great people. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures, but I do have a scan of my new comic.

Glastig is a 20 page mini about a Scottish satyr who uses her mysterious charisma to lure a traveller far from the road. It’s got a black and white interior, and was a lot of fun to make – I’ll always jump at the change to draw goats. This debuted at Word Under the Street, and was really well received.

I’ll be making ‘the Glastig’ available on my Etsy storefront tomorrow. I’m really digging this format, and I’m excited to start work on my next folklore comic.

Big things on the horizon – look out!