Guest comic for Teach English in Japan

Greetings and hello!

I’ve done a guest page for the (normally) semi-auto-bio webcomic ‘Teach English in Japan’, as the lovely & talented Jeff Ellis is enjoying some much deserved vacation time from his project. You can read the first of the two-pager on Jeff’s site today:

I am also elbow-deep in a new minicomic called ‘the Glastig’, which I am working to have completed by Word Under the Street at the end of this September, at which I have a FULL table (To all the locals: I hope to see you there!). It is not often that I have a full table, and so I am excited to fill it up with awesome stuff for you to look at. Once ‘The Glastig’ is available, I’ll post it here too, so don’t worry.

I hope that summer has treated you well and that you make the most out of these last few days of it. All the best!